What is "Morsle"? Morsle is an integration of Norse Apps with Moodle (katie). A "Morsle course" integration allows:
  1. Creation of a Norse group whose owner(s) is/are the course section's instructors and whose members are the course section's students. All permission assignments for any Morsle operations are automatically maintained similar to enrollments in katie.
  2. A "course calendar" available in Norse Calendars reflecting all events for the course in katie
  3. (Optionally) A "student read-only" Norse docs collection is created into which instructors (assigned as collection editors) can tag any documents or collections of documents they wish that course to view or download. These documents & collections are accessible from both Norse Docs and the katie course site.
  4. (Optionally) A "member-writeable collection" is also created into which any member of the course may share documents with full editing capabilities.
  5. (Optionally) A "Mail all Course Members" link is created allowing other emailing options directly through Norse Mail (i.e., threaded conversations, multiple attachments).
  6. (Optionally) A "Norse Site" from which students in the course can collaborate and create web pages.

  7. Link to "What Does Morsle Do" Graphic

    1. How can I set Norse Mail as my default mail client or have notifications available?

    2. Alternate method to make Norse mail client the default client
    Points to Consider
    • "Collections" in Norse Docs are only "tags" -- allowing you to "copy" files and collections to other collections without really making any copies
    • Updates to documents or collections in Norse Docs are reflected immediately in katie with no need to re-upload
    • Organized collections of material can be used again and again in katie by "tagging" them for the new course
    Making Norse Docs/Collections available to students through Morsle
    General Help for Using Norse Docs